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We provide state of the art software applications that reduce your costs and provide you with the best return on your investment by:
Streamlining your business processes
Improving your efficiency
Standardizing your business procedures
Promoting a collaborative system
Centralizing your data
all within easy to use, reliable, scalable and secure systems.
We use our extensive experience to provide you with:
Cost effective solutions
On time, on budget delivery
Dedicated support
Easy to maintain systems
Easy to administer systems
by implementing proven and cutting-edge technologies.
Data Linkage helps various companies improve performance
levels through :
Business Process Management(BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)
Customer Relationship Management Software
Automated electronic document creation and handling
Automated business processes
(workflow) and dynamic routing
Field personnel collaboration
Maps, data and imagery
Business/engineering solutions
Applications for the automotive industry
Franchise/dealership/supplier management
Franchise ownership tracking
Document scanning over the web
Dynamic fax generation
On-site training and CBT
Mobile/PDA applications
Online/offline applications
Custom application development
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American honda premier partner. Data Linkage Software, Feasible IT Solutions For Your Business. We are a software development company that has a long and proven history in developing comprehensive enterprise applications for various types of businesses.