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Automobile Industry (Manufacturing) Solutions
Innovative, Client Proven Solutions

If you are a manufacturer then this real world innovative solution suite is definitely for you. The components are designed to run separately or together. All of the components were designed by qualified and experienced people in different sectors of the industry. This suite will definitely streamline your business, increase your efficiency and reduce your costs very significantly. Please contact us if you need more details.

The following is a brief description of each of the components. Contact us for more details:

Dealership Management System
A must see application that provides you with tools for managing your dealerships’ data, checking performance (compliance), tracking deficiencies and the necessary corrective measures (action plans), creating performance and trending presentations, and etc.
Logistic Planning
A system for managing the allocation and shipping of vehicles (products) to dealerships by model, model trim, and etc based on production planning data.
Sales Incentive Planning
Assists users in calculating dealer objectives by distributing national target sales for one or multiple models based on model sales history.
Parts & Supplier Management
A tool for monitoring and tracking your suppliers' performance based on predefined standards.
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